About Me

I grew up in Nashville, TN in the suburbs along with my two older siblings. My parents primarily owned clothes from the 1980’s that were bold and bright; however, my home had a lot of different types and styles of fabric in it due to its diversity. I have a British mother and an Irish-Mexican father who, before the loss of his first wife, had a half Chinese son. All these elements of my life have bathed me in different fabrics from each culture: deep glossy reds, gentle floral and vegetative patterns, and graphic stripes of vivid colors.

Now, I have learned to embrace color in my art. When I was young and more timid, these loud fabrics used to embarrass me, especially my parent’s clothing. Today though, these various fabrics and patterns have influenced so much so they have become the stars of my work. Along side patterns and fabrics, my siblings, namely my sister Sarah, have influenced me. 

In my work, I am reconnecting with my love for patterns and looking back at sibling dynamics. I have been working nonstop at finding my voice in the art world. So far, I’ve been exhibited in New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and North Carolina. I am currently painting as a full time job at my studio in Nashville.